Dave Freeman

Dave Freeman

About PictureMax

My name is Dave Freeman and I’m a photographer operating under the name “PictureMax Photography.” I've been involved with photography since a young age and I started doing it professionally in 2011. I offer services in many genres including, but not limited to portrait, creative, and event photography.   



Why hire a freelance photographer?

As a freelancer, I have free reign over my own work which means that I don’t answer to anybody except for my client. This is an advantage for the client, because it allows me to dedicate more time to jobs which allows me to deliver a higher quality product as well as providing a more personal experience.



Options for receiving pictures include any or all of the options below:

  1. Print packages.

  2. Digital copies via CD.

  3. Digital Slideshow.

  4. Custom Photo book.

  5. A password protected online gallery that you can instantly share with anybody.